How to Become Great

“Those who follow the part of themselves that is great will become great; those who follow the part of themselves that is small will become small,” — Mencius.

Our situation in life is more or less the result of our choices.

If someone is in great shape, it’s apparent that they make the choice to workout or eat healthily on a consistent basis.

If someone is obese, they choose to eat poorly or live an inactive lifestyle.

On a deeper level, if someone has healthy self-esteem, they tend to make choices that give them a good reputation with themselves – that reinforce the core belief that they are worthy of love just as they are.

We are given choices in every aspect of our lives. This is even more apparent in modern times with the evolution of technology and the gradual change of many cultural traditions.

The parts of our lives such as where we live, our job, spouse, physical appearance, knowledge, skills — the things that seem to be rigidly defined by society/government/money/family/genetics/other external forces — are actually changeable by a shift in our daily choices.

If we are to become small and remain small, we need only to choose the things that make us small — laziness, dishonesty, anger, jealousy, cynicism, self-doubt, apathy.

If we want an aspect of our lives to be great, we have to start persistently choosing to do what’s great.

Often, great choices are laden with fear and uncertainty; it’s much easier to settle for what’s comfortable, easy, and secure and to choose short-term gratification.

But in order to become great, we should follow the part of ourselves that is great — the part that is rooted in courage, forgiveness, persistence, joy, and love.

And you can start to follow the part of you that is great right now by following this blog. It’s a great choice.

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