How to Be More Decisive

Decisiveness is a lot like walking a tightrope.

A tightrope walker does not focus on the potential to fall nor do they worry about having perfect balance.

Instead, they step onto the rope ready to feel a bit unsteady.

Then they go forward, step by step, continually readjusting their balance, and staying focused on the rope in front of them.

If they become focused on trying not to fall, they are more likely to lose their balance.

When we are indecisive, we’re usually fearing loss of some sort, whether it’s an opportunity, finances, a relationship, pride, or our quality of life.

We hope that excessive analysis will yield the perfect choice.

We may start overestimating the consequences and underestimating ourselves.

This often leads to making no decision at all.

And like the tightrope walker, when we focus on failure, we’re more likely to fail.

We can learn to be a lot more decisive if we stop trying to make perfect decisions.

It helps to realize that mistakes are not signs of inadequacy or failure. They’re simply indications that we need to correct our balance to stay on course.

Also, we can’t really avoid all risk — all decisions have some level of uncertainty and opportunity cost.

But we can acknowledge and prepare for risks without getting discouraged by them. After all, in funambulism, it is the ability to walk the rope despite the risk that makes the feat so impressive.

Most importantly, once we make our decision, we can stay balanced and moving forward by focusing not on the risk of failure but on the rope in front of us.

***And now for your most important decision: will you choose to follow this blog, or to live in eternal darkness?***

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