The Obstacle is the Way

“The obstacle is the way.” — Ryan Holiday, author, marketer, and entrepreneur.

People love to set goals. It plays on our natural affinity for progress and improvement.

The hope for a better future can drive us to action, and a feeling of progress keeps us from growing bored, apathetic, and depressed.

But the path to achieving our goals is ridden with obstacles – discouraging peers, rejection, sickness, uncertainty, and fear of failure, to name a few.

Most of us want to avoid obstacles rather than strive to overcome them.

We choose the path of least resistance which usually consists of sticking with tradition, playing it safe, or doing what everyone else is doing.

Sure it feels comfortable, but it’s not long before the path of least resistance turns into the path of least fulfillment.

When we get stuck on this path, it’s hard to find our way off of it.

Part of the reason for this could be that we’re still searching for an easy path to greatness and the reason we’re not finding one is that it doesn’t exist.

To get anywhere beyond mediocrity will require that we face the obstacles in our lives and overcome them.

Whether our obstacle is a fear of public speaking, a lack of resources, low self-confidence, a major loss or setback, or an unhealthy relationship, unless we confront these issues they will keep recurring in our lives as problems.

The obstacles we encounter are not meant to discourage us but to rouse us to action. They’re meant to teach us and make us better. They’re meant to give us a choice between resolution and resignation.

So when we face tough times, it’s useful to remind ourselves that it is through the process of overcoming these obstacles that we become stronger.

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