Curtis YungenEngineering

In 2013, I earned my BS in Civil Engineering from Oregon State University. I then moved to Seattle for a full-time job at Boeing, where I still enjoy working today.

Public Speaking

In 2013, I joined Toastmasters International in hopes of bettering my public speaking skills. After two years of countless speeches, several competitions, and one year serving as club president, I think I got a little bit better.

I learned a lot from the people I met in Toastmasters. One person in particular was Ryan Avery, the 2012 World Champion of Public Speaking. I hired Ryan to advise me in starting a public speaking career, or at the very least to help me become the world champion of something.

After several weeks of learning from Ryan, I had crafted an hour-long keynote about self-confidence and early career development and had begun arranging speaking gigs at various universities in the Northwest.

My speaking adventures culminated in a trip to Washington DC to attend the July 2015 National Speakers Association Convention. The trip was unbelievable(y humid). It gave me a glimpse into the professional speaking industry, as well as the thrill of getting to mingle with a couple thousand professional speakers from around the globe.

It was great, but I decided to put the public speaking career on hold for a while because a new adventure had caught my interest.

Real Estate

After my trip to DC, I developed an interest in real estate investing and joined the Washington Real Estate Investors Association.

I hired an investor (and ex-engineer) named Peter Harris to teach me how to wholesale commercial apartment buildings.

Peter’s guidance was extraordinary, and after a couple months of me phoning owners, sending letters, and spending a fortune on postage stamps, I wholesaled my first property — an 8-unit apartment building in North Everett.

Months later, I decided to get my real estate license.

Becoming a real estate agent seemed like the perfect next step: it offered independence, challenge, adventure, and a chance to sharpen my sales and marketing skills. It would also give me a chance to meet and connect with a wide variety of interesting people.

So on July 23, 2016, I passed my real estate exam and am now a real estate broker with the Platz Group at KW Everett (and yes, still an engineer as well).

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