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The Obstacle is the Way

“The obstacle is the way.” — Ryan Holiday, author, marketer, and entrepreneur. People love to set goals. It plays on our natural affinity for progress and improvement. The hope for a better future can drive us to action, and a feeling of progress keeps us from growing bored, apathetic, and depressed. But the path to achieving […]

How to Be More Decisive

Decisiveness is a lot like walking a tightrope. A tightrope walker does not focus on the potential to fall nor do they worry about having perfect balance. Instead, they step onto the rope ready to feel a bit unsteady. Then they go forward, step by step, continually readjusting their balance, and staying focused on the […]

The Gift of Loss

“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything,” — Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club. Loss is one of the most painful feelings we can experience. It’s so painful that most of what we do in life is designed to help us avoid loss: We squelch our passion and sense of […]

How to Become Great

“Those who follow the part of themselves that is great will become great; those who follow the part of themselves that is small will become small,” — Mencius. Our situation in life is more or less the result of our choices. If someone is in great shape, it’s apparent that they make the choice to […]

Your Opinion of the World

“People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.” An Emerson quote I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. To paraphrase: how we see the world is based on how we see ourselves. Few things influence our quality of life more than our beliefs about ourselves […]